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The Two Wives of the Doge Part 1

“Hardly a week went by without a spectacle’s taking place, one usually connected with the doge.” Part 1 of a discussion one 2 Venetian Renaissance ceremonies

Saint and Sinner: The Legacies of Two Byzantine Empresses

The legacies that shape the memory of notable historical figures are passed down through oral and written tradition. Through time and with the storyteller’s bias, these stories and legacies change to create specific memories that stay with the figure and become a part of accepted history. The question becomes how accurate are the legacies andContinue reading “Saint and Sinner: The Legacies of Two Byzantine Empresses”

Judith and Holofernes

This talk is the first of two on Judith and Holofernes scenes and their changing depictions. The second part will be coming later this spring and both will hopefully lead into a new line of research for me!


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