Studying Art History: Surviving Graduate School

Tip #1: Get by with a little help from your friends It is important to find your community, both in class and outside of it. Remember that the other people in your program are not your competition, but that you are all working toward the same goal! Lean on each other, these people will beContinue reading “Studying Art History: Surviving Graduate School”

Studying Art History: Undergraduate

Are you a high schooler trying to determine what you want to study in college? Are you in college and curious about the art history department? Or maybe you already study art history and just need some advice on how to survive. The first part of our mini series, Studying Art History, offers tips andContinue reading “Studying Art History: Undergraduate”

Studying Art History: Applying to Graduate Programs

For many, the idea of applying to graduate programs is incredibly daunting. Maybe you’re a first generation college student, took a few years off after undergrad and are nervous about going back to school, or you just don’t know what to expect when it comes to the application process. As we’ve both gone through thisContinue reading “Studying Art History: Applying to Graduate Programs”