Art History Podcasts

These days there are hundreds if not thousands of podcasts to choose from and it can be very hard to narrow it down. But, there are some amazing art history podcasts that are great no matter what your level of knowledge is. Most of them are more general art history knowledge, but conveyed in an interesting way that we highly recommend. We have gathered some of our favorite art history podcasts for you here and if you discover a new one, let us know so we can include it!

  1. Art Curious: The great thing about Art Curious is that every episode focuses on one artist or artwork…so if you don’t like it, you can just skip the episode! The host is a contemporary art curator and she is incredibly knowledgable and interesting.
  2. NGA Audio: Since we can’t go to a bunch of art history lectures, tours, and exhibitions this summer, NGA Audio is perfect. It is lectures and tours from some of the best art historians at the National Gallery in DC. The episodes are a little long but we would highly recommend it.
  3. The Art History Babes: I would argue that this podcast is even cooler than the title leads you to believe.

4. Artfully: Artfully is super interesting as it is more about contemporary art news and events (definitely outside our Renaissance wheelhouse). I really enjoy it, but it is definitely not for everyone. So listen with a grain of salt if you don’t love contemporary art news.

5. The Week in Art: Another more news centered art podcast, this one created by The Art Newspaper. This one is definitely less gossip than Artfully and more hard news coverage, but I’d highly recommend it to keep up with everything happening in the art world.

6. Empty Frames and Last Seen: If you are like use and find the Isabella Stewart Gardner heist incredibly fascinating, these two podcasts break it down in different ways and will definitely let you scratch that art history true crime itch.

7. The Great Women Artist’s Podcast: Need I say more?

8. The Lonely Palette: Their tagline is “the podcast that returns art history to the masses, one object at a time.” This is the perfect podcast for someone new to the art history world or if you just enjoy in-depth looks at individual art works.

9. The Renaissance podcast: Now this is our kind of podcast! They look at Renaissance artists and artworks and all around talk about our favorite things.

Share your favorite podcasts with us and let us know what you think about these!


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