Behind the Mosque: The Appropriation of Mosques into Gothic Cathedrals in Reconquista Spain by Claire Sandberg

The construction of religious spaces within a society has long served as an important part in establishing authority and creating a community. As the Muslims conquered Spain, they constructed mosques to mark their authority and rule over the country, creating a Muslim community center. As the Christians reclaimed Spain through the Reconquista throughout the 13thContinue reading “Behind the Mosque: The Appropriation of Mosques into Gothic Cathedrals in Reconquista Spain by Claire Sandberg”

The Heart of Renaissance Art: ‘Paragone’

In academic circles, a word that is inescapable when discussing Renaissance art is paragone. Paragone translated from Italian, generally means “comparison” and this theme of comparison was the backbone for much of the Italian Renaissance. Paragone was a major topic of debate during the early modern period, pitting artists, philosophers, and humanists against one anotherContinue reading “The Heart of Renaissance Art: ‘Paragone’”

New Year’s Gratitude from Renaissance Reframed

I don’t think there is anyone out there who wouldn’t admit that 2020 hit all of us hard, in one way or another. It was a year that saw a global pandemic, protests, police violence, and so much more. While both of us are beyond glad that the difficult year over, we are also bothContinue reading “New Year’s Gratitude from Renaissance Reframed”

An Early Modern Christmas

As Christmas nears, many of us have spent the last few weeks decorating Christmas trees, baking cookies, and wrapping presents in preparation. Holiday traditions such as these have become so ingrained in our modern (Western) society, but what was Christmas like over four hundred years ago during the Renaissance and Early Modern period? This week,Continue reading “An Early Modern Christmas”

Art Gift Guides 2020

The holiday season is upon us once again and if you’re like us, I’m sure you’re scrambling to figure out what to get everyone on your list. This year has been hard enough already, so we hope to make it a little easier by creating these art-themed gift guides! We are also dedicating ourselves toContinue reading “Art Gift Guides 2020”

Studying Art History: Surviving Graduate School

Tip #1: Get by with a little help from your friends It is important to find your community, both in class and outside of it. Remember that the other people in your program are not your competition, but that you are all working toward the same goal! Lean on each other, these people will beContinue reading “Studying Art History: Surviving Graduate School”

Studying Art History: Undergraduate

Are you a high schooler trying to determine what you want to study in college? Are you in college and curious about the art history department? Or maybe you already study art history and just need some advice on how to survive. The first part of our mini series, Studying Art History, offers tips andContinue reading “Studying Art History: Undergraduate”

Studying Art History: Applying to Graduate Programs

For many, the idea of applying to graduate programs is incredibly daunting. Maybe you’re a first generation college student, took a few years off after undergrad and are nervous about going back to school, or you just don’t know what to expect when it comes to the application process. As we’ve both gone through thisContinue reading “Studying Art History: Applying to Graduate Programs”

Raphael and the ‘Madonna Lactans’

These images would now be considered to at least have sexual undertones if not erotic ones however, at the time, this was not the case. Seen most clearly in the Cult of the Virgin, the physical body of Holy figures was a subject of debate. The Holy body was seen to be absent from theContinue reading “Raphael and the ‘Madonna Lactans’”